Street lighting in the Parish

St Keverne Parish Council has upgraded 27 street lights in Coverack, Porthallow, Rosenithon and Porthoustock and had them adopted by Cornwall Council.  This means that their energy and maintenance is no longer the responsibility of the Parish Council and makes up in some way for the Parish Council having to take over 4 public toilets that Cornwall Council was going to close in 2012.

There are now only 3 lights left that are not adopted because due to their location are inaccessible so costly for maintenance and/or not on a publicly maintainable highway.  St Keverne Parish Council is considering having these 3 lights removed because the cost of the standing charges will be more than the actual electricity used.  A maintenance contract would also have to be renewed. The location of these lights are:

1 outside Fox Cottage, Porthoustock

1 on a wooden pole part way up Polcoverack Lane, Coverack

1 outside Sunny Corner, Porthallow

The Parish Council feels residents may have views on this proposal so is consulting on it first.  If you wish to comment please use the contact form on this website.