Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan consultation has come to an end for now.  The second round of the consultation will follow shortly and will cover issues that have been raised in this first round.  Check out this webpage or follow us on Facebook to find out more.


Our Vision 

To protect the unique character and environment of St Keverne Parish. 

To celebrate the history and culture of St Keverne  Parish. 

To enhance biodiversity, habitats and opportunities to tackle climate change. 

To serve the needs of the local community. 

To develop the parish in such a way that we are able to maximise the opportunities that are forthcoming.


A Neighbourhood Plan is a tool to assist the local community in contributing to the future development of their area. 

It can be used to:

  • Influence where and what types of new homes, shops, businesses and other development .would be most appropriate 
  • Identify and protect important local green spaces 
  • Interpret the Local Plan into a focussed working document that represents the  views of the Parishioners 

As such the Local Authority Planning Department will make decisions based on the content of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Most parishioners have a genuine regard for their environment, and some have views on planning issues. This is your chance to influence what happens in your parish.  It will be your document, ultimately voted on by you, prior to being officially approved. 

Committee and steering group

The committee began life in the summer of 2018 following a meeting at St Keverne Parish Hall where volunteers to join the group were sought.  David Lambrick was elected our chair and he swiftly moved to set up three groups.  The establishment of the social , economic and environmental groups (chaired by Tina James, David Turner and Mark Hall-Digweed respectively) was necessary to look into the issues considered most relevant and important to this parish.  There followed a number of meetings in which the three groups discussed these issues and were able to produce the list of questions you will find in the questionnaire detailed below.

Simultaneously, members of the parish might have come across committee members manning stalls at various local events including Ox Roast, Horticultural Show, St Keverne Fete etc.  The stalls displayed information about neighbourhood plans and committee members spoke with as many people as possible in order to ascertain what areas of concern existed.  The results were interesting and repetitive in a way that helped the committee greatly in narrowing the issues for the questionnaire.  The areas of concern were, in the main, the lack of housing for younger people and families, of an affordable nature.

Unfortunately, plans to publish the questionnaire in spring 2020 were scuppered by the pandemic.  By the autumn of 2020, however, the committee began having meetings again, albeit over Zoom, which presented challenges at times.  By this time the committee had received contact from Go Collaborate who had offered to produce a platform by which the questionnaire could be completed online.  Given recent events and the feeling that members of the parish might not be happy now with the original plan to hand deliver and collect each and every questionnaire from homes, it was agreed that the committee would work with Go Collaborate to progress to the next stage.  The steering group then continued the task of working on the questionnaire with Go Collaborate.

The steering group is a smaller committee within the wider group of volunteers who are tasked with driving the process of producing the plan forward.  The decision-making process and consultation process takes place through regular meetings.  The steering group deals with implementing processes.  The members of the steering group are:-

 David Lambrick – chair of the St Keverne Neighbourhood Plan and long-standing parish councillor

Sarah Lyne – recent chair of St Keverne Parish Council and continuing councillor

Jill Ludbrook – parish councillor with special expertise in planning matters

John Brocklebank – treasurer of the St Keverne Neighbourhood Plan and parish councillor

Katie Nightingale – secretary of the St Keverne Neighbourhood Plan

Nathaniel Hobbs – parish councillor


In order to ascertain exactly what is important to you as a member of the parish it is necessary to consult with as many of you as is possible.  In order to do this, we have attended at various local events and spoken to many people.  Of course, this process was brought to an abrupt end in March 2020.  However, the consultation process was incredibly valuable and informed the process by which we devised, with the assistance of the wider committee of volunteers, our questionnaire.  The purpose of the questionnaire is to begin drilling down into the issues that are important to you.  We begin with a questionnaire which will take approximately ten to fifteen minutes to complete.  Following this will be a further two or three smaller questionnaires dealing with more specific issues and areas of concern.

The questionnaire is available from Monday 2 August 2021 and can be accessed via this link:-

Should you wish to complete the questionnaire in paper form then there will be copies available the following locations:-

St Keverne Newsagents

St Keverne Post Office

The Cove Stores (Coverack)

The Mill Shop (Coverack)

or from Katie Nightingale ([email protected]).  Further, if you know of someone who has neither access to the internet or to the local establishments providing paper copies, please let us know and we shall ensure that a copy is hand-delivered by a member of the steering group.  The questionnaire will also be collected if so requested.

Green Open Spaces

Local Green Space designation is a way to provide special protection against development for green areas of particular importance to local communities. Green space can be a key asset for many communities and a specific kind of land designation called a ‘local green space’ can protect these assets from development.

For many local communities, securing high quality green infrastructure in and around their neighbourhood is important.  Neighbourhood plans can include policies for green spaces and can be used to designate ‘Local Green Spaces’ to protect them for current and future generations.

Good planning requires that green infrastructure be considered in terms of the value and benefits it brings to the local community, local environment and local economy. Some examples of how Neighbourhood Plans can address green space are:

• Designation of Local Green Space

• Recognition of other designations involving open space

• Identification of green infrastructure deficiencies, which may then be addressed through new development or planning gain

• Policies for development around Local Green Space

• Policies for development affecting other kinds of green infrastructure

• Provision of new open space as part of new development.

Who are Go Collaborate?

Go Collaborate is a Registered Company whose principal activity is the provision of digital platforms to help communities formulate their Neighbourhood Development Plans. Go Collaborate is an independent company that is separate from any town or parish council or NDP steering group that it is supporting.

The directors and founders of Go Collaborate are all residents of Cornwall. The company was formed following the founders completing the Falmouth University Launchpad programme.

All the directors of Go Collaborate recognise the need to declare any business interests that they may have in the parishes or towns that Go Collaborate is supporting.

Go Collaborate helps to reach residents through the power of social media, principally Facebook.

The steering group will use community groups on Facebook and distribute flyers, leaflets around St Keverne village, so we can inform as many people as possible in our community.

Go Collaborate and St Keverne Neighbourhood Plan

With the restrictions of Covid-19 still in place there is no ability to hold  public meetings  at the village hall, as we need to adhere to many measures to keep everyone safe. Therefore, the steering group has sought out other ways to continue to engage with residents and approached Go Collaborate to establish a consultation platform for our Neighbourhood Plan. A lot of progress has been made and we are ready to consult with residents on that work.

 You can read more about Go Collaborate by clicking on the link below:-

If you need any assistance with the platform please email Gocollaborate team: [email protected] or [email protected]


Bookmark this page as it will be updated as the the Plan progresses!